Family Tote_ Customer Select 2018-2019

Store Family Tote_ Customer Select 2018-2019
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A variety of naturally grown vegetables, herbs, and fruits, lovingly packed in a reusable tote. Our farmers will select the basic items and you will select the rest of the items at Our Harvest Market.

This share is no longer available.

What's in a Tote? FARM FRESH and REAL FOOD. Totes will include 9-10 items and should feed up to 4 people, depending on your household appetite. Recipes, storage tips, and on-site staff can help you decide "what is for dinner?" Pick-up is at Spaces Of Opportunity Our Harvest Market each Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

We offer billing every one or two deliveries. Please choose the payment option that fits your budget best. Members also enjoy a 10% discount for additional shopping at the Our Harvest Market.

Our Harvest produce is grown with-out chemicals or pesticides; either on site at SOO's incubator farm or at our mentor farm, the Orchard Community Learning Center. On occasion, we may supplement our totes with in-season produce from cooler Arizona climes that meet our growing standards to improve the variety of produce in your tote.