Customer Select 2017- 2018 Season

Store Customer Select 2017- 2018 Season
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A variety of naturally grown vegetables, herbs, and fruits, lovingly packed in a reusable tote. Our farmers will select the basic items and you will select the rest of the items at the market stand.

This share is no longer available.

What's in a Tote? Fresh and naturally grown vegetables, fruits, and herbs delivered to the Spaces of Opportunity Farmers Market stand each Saturday. Each tote will contain 9-10 items and should feed up to 4 people, depending on your household appetite.

We offer billing every one or two deliveries. Please choose the payment option that fits your budget best. Members also enjoy a 10% discount for additional shopping at the Farmers Market.

Our Harvest produce is primarily grown either on site at the Spaces of Opportunity incubator farm or at our companion farm, The Orchard. On occasion, we may supplement our totes with in-season produce grown in cooler Arizona climes to improve the variety of produce in your tote. Your produce is local and always in-season.

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