Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

The easiest way to sign up is via our website which will walk you through the process. 

Will I know what produce will be in my tote?

Absolutely! We will post details on Facebook each Friday. You can also log into your account/Member Dashboard and click on See what’s in my box/ View calendar in My Subscriptions.  Our farmers make their best estimate on what will be ready the day of harvest, but sometimes we do need to make last minute adjustments. 

Can I change my pick up location?

Currently, our pick-up location is on site at 12th Avenue and Vineyard.  We are a small farm with a small staff but we may deliver elsewhere in the future.  Let us know your preferred delivery location though and we will keep that recommendation in mind as we grow.

What if I’m going on vacation or can’t pick up my delivery?

You could let a neighbor or friend try out your delicious veggies while you're gone- they are welcome to pick up your share - just ask that they let the staff know and sign out for you. 

You can also place your share on hold or donate that week. Donating is a great way to share the CSA experience. Log into your account/Member Dashboard and click on Place a box on hold in My subscriptions. Please make the request by Tuesday prior to your delivery.

The credit card/debit card stored in my account was lost, stolen or expired. How do I update this information?

Log into your account/Member Dashboard and click on Update credit card on file in Settings. Thanks for keeping up with your payment information.

Still need help? Email and we will get back with you.